Upstox Trading App

Upstox App

Upstox App

Upstox is online trading platform where people can choose to invest in Stocks, IPOs, Mutual Funds and Future & Options. You need to open your account with Upstox before trading here. Account Opening is very easy and fast process. If you are also looking for the best app to trade online then you must Download Upstox from below given button.

Register On Upstox

As Upstox app is trading app approved by SEBI so before buying or selling stocks on Upstox you need to register yourself first on Upstox App. Once you complete the registration part you, you application will be reviewed by Upstox Team. Your accounted will be activated within 24 hours if the all the details are filled correctly by you. 


You can click on the above button to submit Upstox Account Application. You can follow below instructions to register on Upstox App successfully. 

  • Enter Your Mobile Number and Email and validate both Mobile Number and Email by entering OTP.
  • Now Enter PAN and DOB.
  • Now Fill your personal details like you married status, father name etc.
  • Now Digitally Sign and Upload Your Photograph.
  • Now fill your bank details and validate your Aadhar by OTP. 
  • Finally Submit your application.

Upstox APK Download

Upstox App is available for both Android and iOS software. You can first download it’s APK version from here and then you can install it in your device. Here you will get the Latest APK Version of Upstox that is v6.7.3 . There are more than 10 Millions downloads of Upstox APK. This APK file is safe and genuine provided by the official Upstox App. 

Upstox APK has file size of 22MB which is quite low and will not use much of your Storage. If you download Upstox App from here you will get Rs 500 Free as Sign Up Bonus which you can use to trade in Stocks and Shares. 

About Upstox App

App NameUpstox
CategoryFinance and Trading
Downloads10 Million
Downloads LinksClick Here
Referral BonusRs 100
APK Version v6.7.3
Brokerage Rs 0 – 20
Document NeededPan Card & Aadhar Card

Upstox App Features

With growing technology, people are using many online apps for trading and also for other reasons. In present scenario there are multiple apps which provide platform for trading in Stocks, IPOs and Future & Options. But you should choose best out of everything. First you need to look for all the features of the App so that you can make your decision better. Here we have listed all the Upstox features so that you can chose the right app. 

  1. Demat Account Opening with Upstox is very easy and quick process.
  2. There is no charge for Account Opening and Account maintenance. 
  3. You have to provide Brokerage of Rs 20 Only.
  4. You can invest in Stocks, IPOs, Currency, Commodities and Future and Options. 
  5. High level of security so that your funds are safe with Upstox App.
  6. Dashboard for trading and price watchlist is very much user friendly.
  7. Customer Support is very quick and comfortable.
  8. You get mobile and email notification for the Every trade you execute. 

Upstox App Reviews

Ishita Chauhan

4.6 Ratings

The ROS feature is very good and can help the budding option traders to learn with proper discipline and risk management.  like the Chart offered by Upstox, the Candles in the Chart are very clear to view.

VikramJeet Singh

Ratings – 4.8

Upstox is one of the best app is one of the best app I have ever used for online trading. I ma used many other apps but to be honest Upstox has proved to be best for me till now. I would like to suggest it for trading.

Upstox App Review

Ramesh Kapoor

Ratings – 4.6

Upstox is really very simple to use app where anybody can learn how to trade easily and earn money daily. I would like to suggest that everyone must use Upstox app. One of the prominent feature of the app is it’s security. 

Upstox App Charges

Before Choosing any Trading App, everyone looks for the brokerage charges per executed trade. So here we have provided the detailed charges charges by Upstox App. You can compare them with other trading platform before selecting it.  

1) Upstox Charges Rs 0 brokerage on Mutual Funds and IPOs.

2) Upstox Charges Rs 20 or 0.05% (which is lower) on Equity Trading, F&O, Currency & Commodity Trading.

3) Upstox Charges Rs 20 or 2.5% (Which is lower) per order on Stocks. 

Upstox Brokerage Calculator

Upstox Provide the calculator so that you can personally calculate the Brokerage on your selected trading amount. You can select any stock or commodity in which you want invest you money. You can follow the below steps to calculate brokerage. 

  1. Select the type of trading first – Intraday/Delivery
  2. Now Enter the Name of the stock or Commodity
  3. Enter the Quantity of Commodity
  4. Select the Buy Price and Sell Price.
  5. Once You Enter both the prices, you can see the profit/loss and All the charges and Brokerage Fees.
  6. This is how, you can calculate the brokerage fees of any of the stock or commodity.  

Upstox Latest APK Version

As we know these apps keep on updating and every new updated version has some improvements and advanced features which may lack in your previous App Version. Here is the link to download the latest version of Upstox. You can download it and install it in your device. Once you download this version it will automatically transfer your Old data and trades in new app. This is 100 percent secure and official App provided by Upstox itself.


Upstox App for PC

Many of the Users use this App in Laptops and PC for their Convenience. As watchlist is more clearly visible On Big Screen and also executing trades on Laptop and PC is much more easy and comfortable. So Upstox provides the facility of operating Upstox on PC also. You can download Upstox App on your personal computer and use it as Mobile Device.

Upstox App Use

Now We will explain you in detail How Upstox App works. We will discuss every of it’s feature in detail. These all the functions are very much vital for everyone who is using Upstox App. So read about these functions to become Upstox App experts.

Upstox App Watchlist

Watchlist is the sheet in which you can find the live price of all the shares, Commodity, F & O. These live price changes every seconds and minutes. Watchlist has it’s own very important use as you buy or sell trades on the basis of watchlist. By default you have 20 shares price is shown in watchlist. You can add more by Clicking Plus button or you can remove any share price.

Upstox Orders

In this section you will find the Orders you have done in Upstox App. Here you will see three types of orders, All, Open and Closed. In All order you will find all the order so far you have placed. In Open section, it contains orders which are still going and Closed section contains orders which are completed. You need to check this section regularly so that you did not miss any trade.

Upstox Portfolio

An investment portfolio refers to a collection of financial assets owned by an individual, organization, or entity. These assets are typically acquired with the intention of generating a return on investment over time. Investment portfolios can include a wide range of assets, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real estate, commodities, and alternative investments like private equity or hedge funds.

The purpose of constructing an investment portfolio is to diversify holdings and spread risk across different asset classes. Diversification helps reduce the impact of potential losses from any single investment and can potentially enhance overall returns.

Investment portfolios are tailored to meet specific financial goals and risk tolerances. Some common goals include wealth accumulation, retirement planning, saving for education expenses, or funding a particular lifestyle. Each individual or entity may have different investment objectives, time horizons, and risk appetites, which influence the composition of their portfolio.

Portfolio management involves making informed decisions regarding asset allocation, which refers to the distribution of investments across different asset classes. This allocation is based on factors such as the investor’s risk tolerance, investment time horizon, and market conditions. Periodic monitoring and rebalancing of the portfolio may be necessary to maintain the desired asset allocation and adjust for changes in investment performance or market conditions.

It’s important to note that constructing and managing an investment portfolio requires careful consideration and often benefits from the guidance of a financial advisor or investment professional. They can provide expertise and assist in creating a portfolio that aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Upstox Funds

This section of Upstox is most important to understand clearly so that you did not commit any mistake while dealing with funds. In this section of the Upstox App you can Add Funds, Withdraw Funds and view payment history.

First we will discuss how you can Add Funds to your upstox account. Here are all the necessary steps to add funds securely. 

How to Add Funds?

Step 1) Click on the Add Funds

Step 2) Now Enter the Amount of Funds you want to Add

Step 3) Now Choose Your Linked Bank Account

Step 4) Now You have to select Payment Mode – UPI/Net Banking/NEFT/RTGS/IMPS

Step 5) Click On Continue Button and Open Up Your Payment method which you have selected.

Step 6) Funds will safely credited to your Upstox Account.

How to Withdraw Funds?

Now you know how you can add funds in Upstox Account. Suppose that after this you have placed your trades and you have made some profit. Then you need to withdraw that profit in your bank account. Here are some vital steps to release funds in your account.

Step 1) Click On Withdraw Button in Funds Section

Step 2) Now Enter the Amount You want to withdraw.

Step 3) You can only withdraw Amount which is shown in ‘Available to Withdraw‘ to Option.

Step 4) Now Click On Withdraw Funds Button

There are few more option in Funds section which are also important for you to understand. So here we have briefly explained them.

Available To Trade : This is the Total amount that you have available to trade at the moment.

Used Margin: This is the total Amount that you have utilised, against any open or closed positions.

Total Margin : This is the sum of the amount available to trade and the amount of used funds.